Footsteps COVID-19 Policy

This policy applies to all employees, parents, children, volunteers, students, and anyone else working on behalf of Footsteps. Footsteps intends to use this policy to provide precautionary measures to minimise the transition risks of COVID-19 in the setting during the pandemic.

A policy agreement will have to be signed and returned to the school by parents who opt for on-site learning. The essence of this document is to reiterate the importance of abiding by all safety measures as stated by the Lagos State Government and to let parents know that by sending their child(ren) to school they have a part to play along with the school in keeping the children safe.

We will make modifications to our policy and gradually open up our community to enable more engagement amongst teachers, parents and the children as the official Covid-19 daily infection rate in Nigeria declines. 

Current Parents must endorse the documents. 

Login to the parents’ portal to sign and agree to our COVID-19 Policy.

Download Footsteps COVID-19 Policy

You will need a PDF reader to see the contents of this document.