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After assessments and the school tour, your child will be registered and placed on the waiting list.

Waiting List: Our school is non selective and children on the waiting list are offered places on a first come, first served basis.   Registration is the first step of the admission process. The names of all registered children are kept on a waiting list and admission into the school would depend on availability of space, and date of registration. It is important that you call us every six weeks to let us know that you are still interested in being on our waiting list. Should we not hear from you, we shall assume that you are no more interested, and we will then offer your place to the next child on the waiting list. 

Usually admission into Footsteps is at the beginning of the Academic Session/School year (September to June).  In the Third Term of our academic session in the month of June, we write to all parents of registered children on the waiting list. Some will be offered places at Footsteps for the academic session beginning in September, while others will be informed of the non-availability of places. To confirm the place, parents pay the non-refundable deposit and tuition for the first term, before the deadline stated in the letter of admission. Failure to pay before the deadline will be treated as a non-acceptance of the offered place. We shall then offer the next child on the waiting list a place.

Should any spaces become available during the Academic session/school year, then admission is given at the beginning of subsequent terms.

School Hours & Transportation

 School hours are from 8 am – 1 p.m. Monday to Friday (Official Nigerian holidays are observed).

Pick Up Procedure – For a child to be picked up by Domestic Staff, Drivers and Personal Assistant they are required to present the Collection Card at the school gate before access is granted. Should the person not have the collection card, then the child’s Parent is required to call the school to allow access.

Parents are not required to present the collection card, however, Grand Parents must be personally introduced to our Admin Personnel to grant them access without the collection card.

Drop off – The school gate opens at 7am and for security reasons the gate will be shut at 9am.

No, Footsteps School does not provide transportation services.

General Questions

Footsteps is not open all year. We have term breaks. Give us a call to learn more about a schedule and start date that work for your family.

Footsteps has a unique combined indoor/outdoor playground located directly on-site at the center. The playground equipment is appropriate for toddlers through Kindergarten Prep so that children of all ages can play outside each day.

Yes! We have a sick bay which we call the Healing Bay. When children are taken to the Healing Bay, the Nurse will contact the parents with relevant information and will keep in regular contact with the parents until the child is picked up from school.

School gates open by 7:00am. School starts by 8am. For security reasons, the school gates will be closed by 9am. School closes at 1:00pm. The school expects all children to be collected by 1:00pm prompt. Any child that has signed up for afterschool activities should be collected by 2:30pm prompt.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, external facilitators are not permitted on our premises.  Therefore, a few after school activities are currently run by our teachers from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm. Activities take place everyday giving the children the opportunity to build their confidence and self esteem outside the classroom.

No, Footsteps School does not provide meals. We advise Parents that items sent to school should require little or no assistance from teachers to open. For solid meals it can be packed in a thermal flask to keep warm.

Footsteps School will NOT be starting primary school. We cater for children aged 15months to 6 years.

The School Health was established by the Federal Government in November 2006 and this is aimed at promoting the health of learners to achieve the goals of ‘Education For All’.

The well-being of the children is our utmost priority at Footsteps, and we understand that all children are not the same. Our goal is to ensure no child is left behind and that early intervention is done for any child found to have been diagnosed to have developmental delay in any area. The School Health Screening Exercise is a mandatory exercise for each child admitted into Footsteps School.

Yes.  Parents can send another person provided a mail is sent to the school introducing the person and the person’s photograph is included in the mail.

All Teachers are trained Early Years Practitioners and are certified First Responders.

We run a child to adult ratio of 5 children to 1 adult (5:1) for the older children and 3 children to 1 adult (3:1) for the younger children (under 3s).

Children must be fifteen months old and walking before they can start school.


• Adults are not allowed entry in the school building when the children are in
• Children are required to wash their hands and have their temperature checked upon entry into the school
• Their temperatures are checked at intervals during school hours, and they also wash their hands at intervals.
• Sick children are asked to stay at home.

Emailing is the primary way communication is done with Parents. We also send text messages and make phone calls.

Footsteps School is NOT a special needs school. However, we are an inclusive school, so we admit children that have been diagnosed by a certified person to have delay developmentally and have a certified therapist working with the child.

Parents are required to pay tuition fees in full should the child be out of school for an extended period to keep their child’s space.

Footsteps is not responsible for registering children at Primary schools. This shall be the sole responsibility of the parents.