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Your car must be properly parked outside the school when dropping off or picking up your child. Ensure there is no child behind or in front of your car before you drive off.

car19The Residents association of Osborne Estate has mandated the director of Administration to tow any vehicle parked on the road.

Please ensure you park in front of the school in the allotted parking spaces and not on the road.

You can also park on 7th Street in front of the old school site, or you may choose to park in the Estate Office Car Park for a fee.

car1To prevent traffic congestion in front of the school and for the safety of the children, kindly follow these directions:

  • Turn right as you enter the estate and get on to Ogun Street
  • Turn first left to Ondo Street and drive to the end of that street and turn left to Lagoon Avenue and left again to Udi Street.
  • signtrafficPLEASE NOTE: You must be very careful at this junction.

By accessing the school from this end, you can safely drop your child on our side of the road. This also ensures a one-way traffic and eliminates the unnecessary delays which can be caused by drivers who will need to turn in front of the school.


No driver will be permitted to turn in front of the school and no child must be dropped on the opposite side of the road.

school-kids outsideYou must ensure that you hold your child at drop off time until your child is safely in the school gate, and at pick up time until your child is safely in the car.

Please remember that excitable young children are not always aware of road dangers so please take extra care when driving in the school vicinity.