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talkIt is not only crucial to you but also crucial to the staff and the children themselves that every parent is kept informed about all aspects of their child’s progress.

We are committed to working with you to make sure we collectively give the child a good, positive and happy start to their years of education.

The following lists some of the ways in which achieve our aim of keeping you informed:

  • ecMpRpbcnGive out information leaflets throughout the year telling you more about how the children learn.
  • Give every pupil a file for his/her work which you can see from time to time at your request.
  • Encourage you to talk to the teachers within the time specified in the parents’ booklets.
  • Host parents days every half term where you can talk to the teacher about how your child is doing at school.


storyThis book will be sent to you everyday in your child’s folder. Please use this book to communicate with the teacher, when necessary.

Appointment or contact with class teachers can be made daily from 8am – 8.15am or 12.30pm – 1.00pm.