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Actions, looks, words, steps, form the alphabet by which you may spell character. – Johann Kaspar Lavater

abcWe all know how important communication is.

Here at Footsteps we appreciate that, in this age of global opportunities, it is imperative that every child that comes through our doors is given the very best start in life when it comes to knowing and fully understanding the English alphabet.

We teach every child the key elements through both formal and informal learning. Here are just a few of the elements which your child will be taught:


Recognition and writing of the capital and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

bMatching and colouring.


Learning the sounds of the letters with JOLLY PHONICS.


dColouring, Drawing, Writing, Cut and Paste activities.

eReading colour words, number words, essential sight words and short sentences.

fRecognizing Colour Words and following directions.


mathsEvery subject on the curriculum is important, but such is the need for every child to have a good understanding of numbers throughout their lives that we place extra special emphasis on introducing every youngster to the main, crucial elements of mathematics.

During their time at Footsteps, your child will be taught the following:


Counting numbers, putting numbers in the right order, writing numerals, the ordinal numbers (first, second, third…..), “More”, and “Most”, “Biggest”, “Smallest”, “Shortest”, “Tallest”, etc.

2Number Rhymes and games.

3All About Zero, Money.

4Telling the Time.


5Tracing and matching.

6Size words and measuring, Motor Skills, Fun activities with sand, plastercine and paper.

7Drawing with Crayons, cutting with scissors and learning to trace.